New video and rambling

Still working on my next video. Should be out within the next three days…

I spent wayyyy to much time on this for 40 minutes… Like 20 hours +. Hope it is all worth it for you guys… Spent $$ for the material used. This is really not a profitable endeavour… lol

The tedious part is having to rewatch this tens of times to edit this and that… no wonder I don’t rewatch them after they’re published.

And then we get comments such “I didn’t get ASMR from this” or “the music is disturbing”… or “ew, this is terrible” or the from people who don’t get what this is all about… Ok… sorry from my rambling… I might just be too tired.

Most of people are super kind and warm hearted – I found so many people are nice and kind. This community is addictive… 😉 Ironically, I never had problems sleeping before I discovered the ASMR community. Strange, isn’t it? Now I stay up very late to work on my videos… I think I might have become addidcted… lol


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