Promoting my channel and getting more views

I think I’ve used pretty much all the tricks I can think of to promote my channel. But I still don’t get the number of views I’d like to have. Subscriptions-wise, I’m slowly increasing my numbers, especially when I publish new material. I’ve noticed that after a few weeks, my videos go stale and have very little increase in viewership. It mostly means that they’re less likely to be recommended by Youtube. So I’m not exactly sure how I can improve this. I’ve seen some other people are “hijacking” their tags (by adding words like “Gentlewhispering”, which have nothing to do with their video) – I really dislike that practice.

I spent time thinking about it, and the main reason I beleive that my growth is slow is because I don’t do roleplays. Roleplays are great, but since I want to keep my anonymity, it’s kind of difficult to combine both. I do have outside-the-box ideas for this; however it might be difficult to do and to appreciate by some people. But that won’t stop me from trying.

I think I might need some shoutouts, but I’m not the kind of person to beg for that. I was definitely pleased when ASMRNovastar directly mentionned me in one of her videos or when HeatherFeather commented on my channel. I immediatley saw an increase in subscriptions. However, I don’t have the same target audience because 1st: I’m male and 2nd I don’t do roleplays… so I’m not sure that I have the capacity to retain those subscribers for long. I was so please when Gentleswhispering commented on one of my videos, but since it was like one of my first one, I don’t have statistics on how much of an impact it had…  

There’s a lot of “cross-influences” between artists, and I’ve seen my ideas sometimes having a direct result in someone else’s work and mine being inspired by other people’s. It might not be on a conscious level though… I try to never copy someone – being inspired is fine… If it is really strongly inspired I will ask for permission and I would like others to do the same for my videos… 

Anyway, enough ramble for now.  Have a nice day 🙂


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