Current status of my projects.

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. I’m really active on Facebook so I’ve been a bit negligent here…

Anyway, I’m currently working on a big project – a few videos with a common theme, kind of like a story. 

So here’s my current status.  I originally wanted to release them in the first week of September but there are some delays. I want to release these as a set. Not sure if that was a good idea, but we’ll see.

This is taking more time but I’d rather take more time then not being satisfied with my work. I’m mostly doing final editing, special effects and sound editing.

Themed Video 1 (philosophical ramblings, writing, sketching): 98% – 1 hour – there will be two versions: with / without voice
Themed Video 2 (building): 70% – 45 mins.
Themed Video 3 (tune-up roleplay): 70% – 30-45 mins.

I have some issues with the reflections of the camcorder into mirrors and glasses. A bit difficult to solve… I didn’t foresee this when I recorded myself. I will remember this in the future.

I now have a Themed #4 that made its way into the idea department this morning… Might start shooting this week-end… simply because my house will be rather quiet. Should be much easier to make because I don’t have to use a lot of props… 

I know I have promised other videos as well… they’ll be available at some point…

Take care,



4 thoughts on “Current status of my projects.

  1. Dear Simon,
    You are the Prince of Voice. I know you have amsr yourself or you couldn’t do this so well. Perhaps you would enjoy watching the only other Prince of Voice I have ever found on the internet: (amazing also because he’s unintentional). So wonderful to realize I’m not alone in what has the power to relax me and now to actually be able to find people like you and Mr. Levitsky. Happy happy New Year.

    • I thought you might appreciate him. I have a correction–his name is actually Serguie Vorojtor. Levitsky was the chess player he was referring to. I wish there were more naturally amsr voices like yours and his — but am so grateful for the two of you!
      All best in 2014!

  2. PS…you can tell I’m very new to this. I keep calling it AMSR instead of ASMR. From now on I’ll use ‘ASIMAR’ to remind me of the correct order of letters.

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