2000 subscribers a year after (or close)

Hey guys.

It’s been almost a year now, and I will be reaching 2000 subcribers on my Youutube channel very soon…  Thanks so much!

 The initial purpose of my channel was not ASMR. It was to help people and express my creativity. I think I have acheived that to some extent. To me ASMR is a mean, not an end in itself.  

When I think about everything that happened, I feel proud of what I have accomplished. On the other hand, I am somewhat disapointed. I started as highly idealistic. Now I’m down to Earth.

During this year I have realized that ASMRtists, ASMRphiles and Youtubers in general are humans. Some are sometimes flawed but many have great qualities. I have grown in the fact that I have learned to tolerate critics and dislikers and to appreciate praises.

I have seen a lot of new ASMR artists coming on the scene and also many leaving. Sometimes however I think that having an abundance of ASMRtists can be too much of the same thing. However, it has been apparent to me that being creative is not a garantee of popularity.  Some disliked the fact that I do all sorts of videos and would expect me to do the same thing over and over…. However, this is not who I am and I refuse to be stuck in a niche. If you like my channel, you don’t have to like everything I do, but you must appreciate that I experiment and create. This is who I am.

I have seen ASMR becoming more mainstream, with interviews and film projects being made.

I had this lofty idea that people experiencing ASMR were somehow more connected, open-minded and creative. I realized that this is not the case. Some just don’t care about creativity.  Some are just “jerks”…. I had to readjust my perception to reality.

I have seen that there are some artists who really like the attention they get, maybe sometimes too much for their own good.

I have realized that some people have very narrow views on what ASMR is and some who deny it even exists; some also dislike that we call ourselve asmrtists, because it’s not an art to them, just a weird kink.

I have seen the Facebook community of ASMRtists grow as well. I sometimes would like to get more involved, but I have found that this is more of a social club for ASMRtists, which is very cool, but can also distract me from my creation zone.

Something else… Are special effects necessary for ASMR or relaxing videos? Not really. Simple is usually better. That was my initial point of view. But I had doubts, after seeing the reaction of ASMRphiles to some videos that were full of effects… So I decided to do something bigger and more involved. I thought I could pull it off… My Automaton series is what resulted from my time and efforts. I’m proud of what I have done, althought many might not like it. It’s different and hadn’t been done before. However, it was quite taxing on me and I often felt discouraged by the sheer amount of work required to do this.  It might not be ASMR to some… But ASMR is so different for each person, people should not dislike what doesn’t trigger them.

 I do think the community should have kept it simple all along. But it’s normal that we try to push the limits. It’s human nature.

Anyway, I’m now back to normal mode and will produce simpler videos for a while – they might not all trigger ASMR for all, but they will always represent a part of me.







4 thoughts on “2000 subscribers a year after (or close)

  1. Dear C.A.,
    After so many years of thinking I was the only person on Earth who reacted to sound triggers (for me it’s a simple soft spoken but not whispered voice) I discovered ASMR. Holy Smokes–I am not alone. And of all the various scraping, tapping, whispering, thumping, the only video that really works on me is your 100 questions. Just your simple relaxed voice with frequent audible lip parting noises (but not lip smacking) completely removes all my anxiety from the day and brings me to a wonderful deep sleep. I am so grateful for this that I hesitate to make any criticism, but next time you create a simple talking tape please don’t laugh so much. It sort of jolts me out of my delightful fugue. I wish you would do a talk on what I sense may be a favorite subject of yours and mine–quantum physics–or better still the mystical intersection of science and spirituality–ie a discussion on The Halographic Universe or Parallel Worlds. That way I would not only have the incredible pleasure of your voice lulling me to sleep, I would also be listening to a subject I find fascinating. But please don’t read. You don’t seem to make the lip-parting noise (essential for my trigger) when you read on a video.

    I just want to say, finding your voice is life changing for me. I deal with much anxiety. Ive been told it goes hand in hand with the fact that I have MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) and it is so hard for me to calm down and shut off my overactive mind. Oh, I just thought of this, a serious meditation guidance tape from you would be a Godsend.
    With so much gratitude and appreciation.

    Your newest subscriber.
    Jane K.

    • Hello Jane, yes I understand what you mean – in my case it was the opposite, I thought everyone knew about this feeling until I realized it wasn’t the case…

      About the laughing, I’m usually a light-hearted person… so I do not wish to stop being happy to record myself or edit-out all my laughing… But I understand what you mean so what I could try to do for some of my videos would be to talk about a serious topic or be in a more meditative state for the recording session.

      The mystical intersection between science and spiritually is indeed a topic I find fascinting as are the other ones you’re mentionning. Doing a meditation session in my natural voice is also a possibility – however I would need to read this because it requires more scripting.

      thank you for you interest in my work.


      • I would always want you to remain light hearted and happy, but if you could be serious just for one scientific or meditation type audio it would be thrilling for me. Also I confess when I find a great voice I listen to it a lot, so my thought was, it would be nice to be able to learn something at the same time. I’m sure with your talent you could read a script but sound like you were not reading. Pausing between thoughts (while you refer to your notes) is also good. The silence between usually leads to a good ‘lip-parting’ noise when speech is begun. (Just having written that last sentence reminds me why it’s been impossible to discuss my ASMR with anyone before. It sounds nuts–or worse like a sexual fetish which it is certainly NOT!)
        Anyway, thanks so much for answering my email. I hope Quebec is no colder than NY–which tonight feels considerable.
        Be well,


        PS when/if you do get around to making such a recording is there any way I could buy an MP-3 from you? As it is, I have to record you from my computer and your voice loses a generation of quality. In fact you could sell MP-3 audio downloads on your site. I bet I wouldn’t be the only one interested in a purchase.

      • Hello Jane, I find this comment interesting but comments being public on WordPress I would prefer to make this a private conversation… We cannot do this within WordPress so I would like to continue on another platform. I have accounts on Facebook (C.A. personal and fan page), Google+ and Twitter and you can also reach me at cosmic.asimar@outlook.com if you prefer e-mail.



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