Current status of my projects.

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. I’m really active on Facebook so I’ve been a bit negligent here…

Anyway, I’m currently working on a big project – a few videos with a common theme, kind of like a story. 

So here’s my current status.  I originally wanted to release them in the first week of September but there are some delays. I want to release these as a set. Not sure if that was a good idea, but we’ll see.

This is taking more time but I’d rather take more time then not being satisfied with my work. I’m mostly doing final editing, special effects and sound editing.

Themed Video 1 (philosophical ramblings, writing, sketching): 98% – 1 hour – there will be two versions: with / without voice
Themed Video 2 (building): 70% – 45 mins.
Themed Video 3 (tune-up roleplay): 70% – 30-45 mins.

I have some issues with the reflections of the camcorder into mirrors and glasses. A bit difficult to solve… I didn’t foresee this when I recorded myself. I will remember this in the future.

I now have a Themed #4 that made its way into the idea department this morning… Might start shooting this week-end… simply because my house will be rather quiet. Should be much easier to make because I don’t have to use a lot of props… 

I know I have promised other videos as well… they’ll be available at some point…

Take care,



One of my own favourite

I do have favourite creations.

Within my own catalog of ASMR videos, one of my favourite is this one. It is one in which I’ve put a lot of my “soul” if I can say that.

From then on, I started to be more serious about my channel.

It combines ASMR sounds and visuals to enduce trance – I’ve rewatched it many times and it easily puts me in a trance-state.

Promoting my channel and getting more views

I think I’ve used pretty much all the tricks I can think of to promote my channel. But I still don’t get the number of views I’d like to have. Subscriptions-wise, I’m slowly increasing my numbers, especially when I publish new material. I’ve noticed that after a few weeks, my videos go stale and have very little increase in viewership. It mostly means that they’re less likely to be recommended by Youtube. So I’m not exactly sure how I can improve this. I’ve seen some other people are “hijacking” their tags (by adding words like “Gentlewhispering”, which have nothing to do with their video) – I really dislike that practice.

I spent time thinking about it, and the main reason I beleive that my growth is slow is because I don’t do roleplays. Roleplays are great, but since I want to keep my anonymity, it’s kind of difficult to combine both. I do have outside-the-box ideas for this; however it might be difficult to do and to appreciate by some people. But that won’t stop me from trying.

I think I might need some shoutouts, but I’m not the kind of person to beg for that. I was definitely pleased when ASMRNovastar directly mentionned me in one of her videos or when HeatherFeather commented on my channel. I immediatley saw an increase in subscriptions. However, I don’t have the same target audience because 1st: I’m male and 2nd I don’t do roleplays… so I’m not sure that I have the capacity to retain those subscribers for long. I was so please when Gentleswhispering commented on one of my videos, but since it was like one of my first one, I don’t have statistics on how much of an impact it had…  

There’s a lot of “cross-influences” between artists, and I’ve seen my ideas sometimes having a direct result in someone else’s work and mine being inspired by other people’s. It might not be on a conscious level though… I try to never copy someone – being inspired is fine… If it is really strongly inspired I will ask for permission and I would like others to do the same for my videos… 

Anyway, enough ramble for now.  Have a nice day 🙂

On my pseudonym

Just to clarify a bit why I chose Cosmic Asimar as my pseudonym. I wanted something different. Definelty didn’t want ASMR or Whispers in it – I wanted to keep some distance and freedom from ASMR, if I choose to use my account for other topics.

Cosmic: as in Universal, Meta-galactic, Supra-metaphysical… you get the idea.
Asimar: from Aasimar, a half-angelic being from a well known role playing game. Also a play on the ASMR letters. I dropped the double A to distantiate it from the trademark.

I had tried a few others but they were already picked.

This kind of gives you my mindset when I picked my name. 🙂

New video and rambling

Still working on my next video. Should be out within the next three days…

I spent wayyyy to much time on this for 40 minutes… Like 20 hours +. Hope it is all worth it for you guys… Spent $$ for the material used. This is really not a profitable endeavour… lol

The tedious part is having to rewatch this tens of times to edit this and that… no wonder I don’t rewatch them after they’re published.

And then we get comments such “I didn’t get ASMR from this” or “the music is disturbing”… or “ew, this is terrible” or the from people who don’t get what this is all about… Ok… sorry from my rambling… I might just be too tired.

Most of people are super kind and warm hearted – I found so many people are nice and kind. This community is addictive… 😉 Ironically, I never had problems sleeping before I discovered the ASMR community. Strange, isn’t it? Now I stay up very late to work on my videos… I think I might have become addidcted… lol