Satus update

It’s going to be quiet this week… busy with my real life… I’m glad that people liked my Prof. Asmarov video. It’s different. I’m also glad that it worked for some. My next video should be about a scalp massage… But this has been done so many times… I don’t like to do like the others otherwise what’s the point? I find this actually quite a challenge, both visually and for the sounds… Should I whisper it? Should it be from a first or third person view, or none at all? Should it be roleplayed or not? Questions, questions… What do you think I should do?


Working on a new ambient track for a possible serie of videos

I’m working on a new ambient track and it will be used in at least one video. I have this concept I’m working on, this will be a lot of work for my limited schedule. In the meantime, I’ll try to do other videos and sounds to keep my channel alive. I wouldn’t want to loose too many subscribers due to a lack of activity.