One of my own favourite

I do have favourite creations.

Within my own catalog of ASMR videos, one of my favourite is this one. It is one in which I’ve put a lot of my “soul” if I can say that.

From then on, I started to be more serious about my channel.

It combines ASMR sounds and visuals to enduce trance – I’ve rewatched it many times and it easily puts me in a trance-state.

A new whispering video (ASMR)

This is my entry for Ilse’s (TheWaterwhispers) friendly contest to celebrate her 1 year on YouTube.

This is a multi-tracks recording of binaural whispers and soft spoken voice while some tracks use panning and double voice effects.

I wanted to try something different so I’ve picked Latin words starting with A.

** Note: I do not claim to speak Latin and my pronunciation is likely incorrect, especially in regards to the tonal accent. But in the end I just wanted to make a relaxing video… Hopefully you’ll like it. Enjoy!